Future Sci-Fi Tales 2020

  • Future Sci-Fi Tales 2020

Physical Copy!!!

Tales from the future! 2020 edition of the Future Sci-Fi Tales anthology features four exciting tales of sci-fi, plus a four-page preview of an upcoming exciting sci-fi adventure series.

Read about a scientist who discovers another plane of existence via audio, a man visits his digitized sister in a VR world, a physics student doing his Ph.D. on time travel meets a retired scientist supposedly having experimented in this field, and more!

Stories are written by Julio Paz, Sergio Santos, Hernan Molina, and Drew D. Lenhart. Fantastic illustrations by Hernan Molina, Alberto Pessoa, Toan Joans, and Juan Fleites.

Stories include; Distortion, Dirt, Continuum Man, Can You Survive at Night, and Caspian Porter!